C11 Product Guide

FAQs & Troubleshooting

1. First, please ensure that your iOS device and the projector are connected to the same WiFi network. If they're already on the same network but still not discoverable, it's recommended to reset the projector to its factory settings, restart it, and then try reconnecting.

2. Check if the router is placed too far from the projector (ideally, it should be in the same room), or temporarily enable your phone's mobile hotspot feature so the projector can connect to the phone's hotspot before attempting screen sharing again.

3. Confirm whether the current WiFi is set to guest mode; usually, a guest WiFi network name will include a "Guest" suffix. If so, switch to the main network and retry.

4. Try using a wired screen mirroring connection or connecting directly to the projector's hotspot to see if you can successfully establish a connection.

1. Please try restarting both your device and the projector, then re-attempt the connection process.

2. If you are using an Android phone such as a Google or Motorola model, there may be compatibility issues preventing screen mirroring. However, most Samsung phones are compatible; still, some newer models might not support this feature. Please verify your phone's model.

3. Check whether your current network condition is stable. If the network is poor, consider trying a wired connection or, keeping the WiFi switch on, turn off the WiFi network on your projector, then within the screen-mirroring interface, search for and connect to the projector's WiFi hotspot following the prompts. Alternatively, you can also achieve screen mirroring by having the projector connect to your phone's mobile hotspot.

1. Please confirm whether your WiFi router is too far from the projector. For optimal network connectivity, it is recommended to place both devices in the same room.
2. If you are experiencing poor network conditions, consider using a wired connection or, while keeping the WiFi switch on for the projector, temporarily disconnect it from the Wi-Fi network. Next, proceed to the projector's screen mirroring interface and follow the on-screen prompts to connect your device to the projector's own WiFi hotspot. Then, try to perform screen mirroring again.
3. In case the projector experiences lagging after an update, we need to know your current software version to analyze the issue. We will provide you with a new software update to address this problem.
1. If your mobile phone is from a less popular brand within the Android series, there might be compatibility issues that prevent screen mirroring. Currently, only some Samsung models have been optimized, yet with limitations. Please provide your specific phone model so we can conduct tests to confirm this.

2. Ensure that you've selected the correct screen mirroring mode. For instance, if you're using a Samsung phone, make sure you've chosen the "Smart View" option for proper connection.

3. If after adjusting the 4D keystone correction, you encounter a black screen and cannot display the content, it's recommended to restore your projector to its factory settings and avoid adjusting the 4D keystone settings during screen mirroring. This way, try establishing the screen mirroring to see if it displays correctly.

1. In order to realize the same screen between Win computers, you need to press Win+P keys to select copy or extend mode for settings.

2. Before starting the same screen, please adjust the projector to obtain the ideal picture effect, and avoid 4D adjustment and keystone correction during use.

3. If your system is Win10, we recommend it. If it is not a Win10 system, there may be compatibility issues. It is recommended that you give priority to using HDMI connection to ensure stability and compatibility.

1. Enter the projector settings, locate the display options, and enable HDCP mode. After turning on this mode, restart the device and maintain it in this setting. This typically resolves screen blackout issues when mirroring Samsung devices.

2. If, after performing the above steps, the Samsung device still fails to project properly, there may be compatibility issues between your specific model and our projector. Please provide us with the exact model number of your device, so we can record and forward it to our factory for further investigation and to devise potential optimization solutions.
If the phone interface displays normally when mirrored but issues occur specifically during video playback, it's highly likely that the video content you are attempting to play is protected by copyright. You can test this by trying to play other videos or local videos on your device to see if they play correctly, which would help rule out both copyright restrictions and limitations within the app.

In a scenario where the screen mirrors successfully but only the audio is heard from the projector while the visual output remains black, this issue is most probably caused by device compatibility problems.

1. Please turn off and then re-enable the WiFi feature to see if it can search for networks normally.

2. If the issue persists, attempt a factory reset on your device and then check within the WiFi settings to see if it can search for networks correctly. If neither of these actions resolves the problem, it could indicate a fault with the WiFi module itself, in which case we recommend replacing the relevant module.

1. Please check the network signal strength indicator first to ensure that the network signal is normal.

2. If the network connection is abnormal, you can try restarting the router or using your smartphone's 4G or higher mobile data to create a hotspot for the projector to connect. This approach helps identify if the issue lies with the router.

3. If prompted with a password error, please verify that the entered password is correct (you may enable the password display function for this). If the password has been confirmed to be accurate but still fails to connect, you can attempt to set up a simple WiFi hotspot password using your phone and have the projector connect to it, thus testing the device's connectivity capabilities.

4. If all of the above steps prove ineffective, we recommend that you reset the projector to its factory settings and then try connecting again.

1. Please confirm whether the current WiFi signal strength is below 50%. If it exceeds 50%, it may lead to the device's inability to reconnect properly.

2. Regarding the second scenario, since disassembly of the unit is required, this issue cannot be resolved remotely. However, if you are willing to perform a self-disassembly check, we can provide you with detailed step-by-step video guidance for disassembling the device and assisting you in organizing the internal wiring.
1. Please attempt to restore the projector to its factory settings first, and then proceed with opening the Bluetooth function for searching and pairing operations.

2. Subsequently, check whether it can successfully search for and connect to other Bluetooth speakers. If it can pair normally with other devices, this may indicate a compatibility issue between your speaker and the projector.

3. Note that the effective range of Bluetooth connections is limited; ensure that the distance between the projector and the speaker does not exceed 10 meters in an open environment. If there are obstacles (such as walls) between them, maintain a distance of within 5 meters.

4. We recognize that Bluetooth connectivity has two modes: receiving mode, which can only connect to Bluetooth speakers or headphones; and transmitting mode, which can be detected by playback devices like smartphones. Based on your description, we suggest verifying the current Bluetooth working mode of your projector and ensuring the correct operation steps, referring to the product manual for accurate guidance.

If the above troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue, kindly provide us with the Bluetooth version information and specific brand and model of both your projector and speaker. We will promptly conduct testing and validation to assist you with resolving the Bluetooth connection problem.

1. To ensure a stable Bluetooth connection, it is recommended that you place the projector and Bluetooth speaker in close proximity to each other.

2. In order to prevent mutual interference, please do not place the projector and Bluetooth speaker alongside high-power electrical appliances.

3. To minimize data transmission latency, it is advised to connect the Bluetooth speaker first, followed by connecting your playback device to the projector.

Regarding Bluetooth headphones of primary and secondary nature predating the year 2019, due to inherent compatibility constraints, resolving such issues remains temporarily unfeasible at present.

1. Please first confirm whether your USB drive can be read normally on other devices. Additionally, you can try connecting your phone to the projector with a USB cable for charging purposes, to verify if the projector's USB interface is functioning correctly. If there are two USB ports available, please attempt using the other one. If both fail to work properly, it may be necessary to consider replacing the projector.

2. Do you happen to know the specific format of your USB drive? Some projectors have limitations regarding compatible USB drive formats. If the current format is not supported, please try changing the format of the USB drive. Should you need guidance, I can provide you with a detailed step-by-step instruction link so that you can perform the operation yourself.

FAT32 formatted USB drives or external hard drives have a maximum capacity of 192GB, with a single file size limit not exceeding 4GB. On the other hand, NTFS formatted devices can support capacities up to 2TB and individual files can also reach 2TB in size. Regarding SD cards, the SD2.0 and SDHC versions have an upper limit of 32GB, while the SDXC version can extend up to 1TB.

Please note that for both USB drives and SD cards, there is a limit of 200 files per root directory or subdirectory. If this limit is exceeded, you will need to create additional subdirectories for storing your files.

To convert the format of a USB drive, you can download and use a specialized format conversion software. If your current USB drive's format does not support large capacities or large file storage, it is recommended to perform a format conversion or consider upgrading to a larger capacity USB product that better suits your needs.

1. Please confirm that the device is powered on and functioning properly. If using a TV stick, it's recommended to utilize the original adapter for power supply, as a projector's USB port may not provide sufficient voltage, potentially causing issues.

2. Check whether the connection interface matches the selected signal source correctly. Attempt switching between different signal sources to see if an image appears, thus eliminating the possibility of incorrect signal source or interface selection.

3. Replace the cables or try connecting the device to another unit to verify whether the issue lies with the cable or the device itself.

4. Connect this device to another display device for testing playback. If it still fails to play normally, it could indicate that the device does not have signal output capability (projectors typically only receive input signals and do not support video signal output).

If none of these steps resolve the problem, it's likely that there might be a fault with the projector's interface, at which point considering a replacement of the projector would be necessary.
1. If the main interface displays correctly but the signal source flickers, it might be a software issue. You can try restoring the device to its factory settings or reinstalling the software to address the problem.

2. Please check whether the cable connections are secure, or consider replacing the cables to test if normal functioning is restored.

3. Ensure that the video resolution outputted by your playback device falls within the projector's supported range (with a maximum of 1080p/60hz). Exceeding this resolution may lead to video unplayability or screen flickering. Adjust the resolution to an appropriate level and try again.

In the display settings, you can adjust the aspect ratio to cater to your actual requirements and select the most suitable display ratio.

The problem can be solved simply by using a regular adapter cable for the connection.
Hello, you can try inserting the TV stick directly into your television to see if it displays any relevant icons. Additionally, please navigate to the audio settings option within the TV stick's settings menu and change the current Dolby audio format to Linear PCM audio.
Under normal circumstances, your projector should be able to play standard HDMI and AV signals without issue.
If you encounter a situation where playback is not possible, please first attempt to connect the signal source to a television to see if it can display properly. If the television also fails to play the content, there may be an issue with the signal conversion.
Additionally, you can directly test the projector by connecting it to devices such as a computer or DVD player that do not require conversion. Should the projector still fail to connect after these steps, it is highly likely that there is a problem with the projector's interface.

The resolution of your image may be too large, and make sure the image file size does not exceed 6.8M. This ensures the best results for image uploading and display.

1. If your projector is unable to play a video, it will typically display an error message. Please transcode the video into a format that is supported by the projector. You can find specific details on supported formats in the product specifications manual. For guidance on how to transcode the video, you can search for relevant tutorials on internet search engines like Google.

2. Please check the resolution of your video file to ensure that it falls within the range supported by the projector. Generally speaking, videos with resolutions up to 1080P/60Hz should be playable without issues. However, if the video is in 4K or has a frame rate higher than 60Hz, and your projector does not currently support such high decoding and playback capabilities, then playback problems may arise.

1. When opening a file and encountering a message that the format is not supported, please refer to the user manual to confirm whether the device indeed supports that particular format.
If it does not, we recommend you search on Google for a solution yourself. Simply type in "how to convert audio formats" to find relevant tutorials.
1. Please confirm first that your projector supports playing document files (which can be checked in the product manual).

2. On the projector, select the corresponding file format option or directly browse all files for viewing.

For dust on the viewfinder or display screen, you can dismantle the bottom cover and clean it using cotton swabs from the dust removal kit. As for dust inside the lens, it is recommended to gently tap the lens in the hope that the dust will naturally fall off. However, please note that you need to handle the device with caution during the operation to avoid causing any damage to it.

First, determine whether the foreign object is located on the display screen and the Fresnel lens or on the lens itself. If it's situated on the display screen and the Fresnel lens, you can use a specialized dust removal tool for cleaning. If the foreign object is found on the lens, it's suggested that you try gently tapping the camera body to dislodge the debris.

The screen may have suffered screen burn, and the solution is usually to replace it with a new one. Please check whether the fan is running normally and whether there is any foreign matter or dust blocking the air inlet. In order to locate the problem faster, please provide your order number and we will query the production batch information of the equipment.
1. Try a factory reset to see if that solves the problem. Or tap the fuselage gently to see if the normal display can be restored.

2. If the factory settings restoration is ineffective and the screen still displays horizontally, it is recommended to replace it with a new device.

Such circumstances typically present a greater challenge to rectify. Should the issue of light leakage be causing substantial impairment to your usage experience, we advise opting for a replacement unit with a new device.

If you need to inspect whether the display screen is loose, it is suggested to refrain from conducting any self-disassembly operations. In case the problem is quite evident and of great importance to you, selecting a return or replacement service would be advisable.
1. For optimal projection results, ensure that the projection distance is appropriate. If the image remains unclear after adjusting the focus, it could be due to a faulty focus lens, damaged lens, or an issue with the Fresnel lens. Please provide images or videos so we can verify if it's a product issue and arrange a replacement for you.

2. Upon startup, inspect the display interface for any visible damage to determine whether the Fresnel lens or the display screen has been compromised. After turning off the device, check if the lens has any scratches or signs of wear. In either of these scenarios, the product would only be eligible for return processing.

3. Have you been using the projector in an environment with significant temperature fluctuations? If there is condensation on the lens, you can use a hairdryer to gently heat and remove it. If this does not resolve the issue and there is suspected moisture affecting the display screen circuitry, we recommend running the projector for half an hour to see if it recovers. If the problem persists, we will provide you with a replacement service.
1. When focusing, please ensure that the overall image is clear first and foremost. Generally speaking, adjust the projection image to its optimal clarity as a whole; there's no need to excessively pursue sharpness in the central area, lest it results in the inability to achieve normal clarity around the edges.

2. Regarding the projection display, you may have noticed that the light intensity and clarity at the edges are relatively weaker compared to the center area. This is a common phenomenon in the current projector industry. We are continuously striving to enhance product performance, but currently, such an occurrence is considered standard across various brands. Please understand this aspect.
1. Please ensure the projector is placed stably and maintained both parallel and perpendicular to the projection surface. After adjusting in this manner, the overall clarity of the image will be significantly improved.

2. If your projector is equipped with keystone correction functionality, when making substantial angle adjustments, it may result in blurriness on one side of the image.
1. If the projector is in use and the ambient light is too bright, try moving the position of the projector and re-focusing or restarting the device to see if it can achieve a clear focus. If auto-focus remains blurry after multiple attempts, it may be due to a lens malfunction or an issue with the internal algorithms.

2. In case the lens focusing is restricted, you could try restoring the factory settings, or have a professional disassemble the unit to adjust the lens limit switch in order to remove the restriction.

3. The automatic focus might exhibit slight differences compared to what the human eye perceives. If the auto-focus result does not meet your clarity requirements, it is recommended to manually fine-tune for an ideal image quality.
1. Enter the display settings and check if there are any abnormal values among the parameters. If you find a value of 0, try resetting the parameter.

2. If you're unsure how to proceed or wish for a quick resolution, you can directly opt for restoring the factory settings.

1. Please try replacing the batteries with new ones.

2. If the issue persists, test the projector using a different remote control.

3. Ensure that the remote control is pointed directly towards either the front or back infrared receiver of the projector (with an effective distance of approximately 1 meter), and verify if all key functions are working properly. If it's determined that the projector's infrared receiver is faulty, you may need to request a replacement.

4. It's important to note that when using an infrared remote control, it should be aimed at the infrared receiving hole on the projector, ensuring there is no obstruction between the two.

At present, support for the HDMI-CEC communication protocol is unavailable. In order to resolve issues pertaining to remote control compatibility, we shall furnish you with the necessary remote control codes, thereby enabling you to personally configure and adapt them for use with your TV stick's remote.

You can directly contact us for a free replacement, and we will arrange to send you a new remote control at no cost.

Please note that if the damage is not caused by human factors within the warranty period, we will provide a free replacement. However, if the damage occurs outside the warranty period or is due to human error, there may be a corresponding fee involved.
1. Please ensure there are no obstacles between the remote control and the projector's infrared receiver, and operate the remote control by aiming it directly at the projector's infrared receiver.

2. Please replace the remote control with fresh batteries.

1. Please check if the knob is at a normal tightness level by adjusting it to the middle position and then tilting the projector on its side while gently tapping the body. Observe if there's any displacement of the knob. If there's no movement, it indicates that the knob is in normal condition. However, if there's displacement, it suggests that the knob is too loose and requires replacement.

2. If the knob is too tight to turn, it may be jammed by foreign objects. Firstly, please inspect the surface for any visible obstructions. If no apparent foreign objects are seen, it could indicate an issue with the internal structure. In the event that this affects normal usage, it is recommended to replace the knob promptly.

1. If you encounter a situation where the device is stuck and unable to move, you can try holding down the F+ or F- key to resolve the freezing issue.

2. If the lens cannot move in a certain direction, try holding down the opposite direction. The operation steps are the same as Method 1. Friendly reminder: When using electric focus, please avoid adjusting the lens to its extreme position; timely adjustments to the focus direction and projection distance should be made.

1. Currently, we have identified an issue with the E30 product where the lens cap malfunctions, primarily due to a lower-than-required motor torque. If you encounter a similar situation, please promptly report it so that we can investigate the specific problem and assess the likelihood of failure occurrence.

2. To ensure the lens cap operates smoothly and remains securely closed, kindly retract the lens before closing the lens cap.
If there are noticeable abnormal noises coming from the interior of your machine, we recommend considering a disassembly inspection based on the actual condition of the product. First, please attempt to gently shake the machine to see if any foreign objects can be expelled from the exhaust port. If the object is made of plastic and does not affect normal usage, we can provide you with a compensation solution, allowing you to continue using this device with peace of mind.

1. If the fan bearing failure has been confirmed, replacement is the only option.

2. Should the fan come into contact with any cable harnesses, please consider disassembling the unit for inspection and handle the situation accordingly based on the specific circumstances.

1. Upon powering up, ensure that the projector's indicator light is in a red standby state. If the light does not illuminate, first check whether there is power at the socket and then confirm that the power cord/adapter is securely connected. If the circuit is functioning normally, it may be an issue with the power cord or adapter; replacing either should resolve the problem. If the issue persists, it could indicate damage to the projector's power board, necessitating replacement of the entire unit.

2. If the red indicator light illuminates properly, but the projector fails to respond when the power button on the remote control or the body of the projector is pressed, it is likely a motherboard failure, requiring a motherboard replacement.

3. If the projector turns on momentarily and lights up, but then automatically shuts down, this could be due to abnormal temperature control protection or a software issue preventing startup.

4. When the projector powers on and the indicator light displays green as normal, yet no image is projected, it is most probable that the LED lamp has failed, necessitating the replacement of the LED lamp assembly.
1. If pressing the back button or home menu key takes you to the main interface, it could be that you have set a default source upon startup, or you did not exit the HDMI/AV interface before turning off the device. To ensure the main interface is displayed directly at the next startup, please try disabling the setting for default source on startup, or remember to switch back to the main interface before shutting down.

2. If during startup, the indicator light functions as expected but the projected image displays anomalies such as a blue screen or white screen, this might indicate a software issue. We recommend attempting a software upgrade to see if normal display can be restored.
When a plug is inserted into a socket, it's normal to observe a tiny arc or spark due to the initially small contact area. You might notice slight marks on the plug; rest assured, these are caused by the instantaneous flow of current and are nothing to be concerned about.
The operating principle of an adapter involves converting the voltage from 100-240V down to the approximate 20V voltage that our regular devices require; it's worth noting that slight heating during this process is indeed a typical phenomenon.

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C11 Series User Guide
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