Pre-sales Questions​

How to purchase your products?
We only sell products on Amazon, You can easily find the buy button on the product page of our website
You can also search for our products directly on Amazon, e.g. "jimveo E28 Projector".
Currently, we only sell products on Amazon.
You can check the Detailed Info about orders, logistics, payment on Amazon.

We are running a promotional campaign!

Whether you are a social media influencer or not, If you are willing to help us promote the product,We will reward you at least 50% off coupons or even free products.

View more detailed information on our “Promotion” Page

Please mail to (Pre sales consultation only)

What's your warranty policy?
Our products enjoy a long 3-year official warranty policy.
Please register your order information in the Warranty window on the right side of the page to activate the warranty.
for warranty eligible products, we will offer you the following services: .
1. Free replacement or reissue of product accessories (such as remote control, power cord, manual, etc.)
2. Provide technical support and system upgrade .
3. Returns&Exchange(View our return policy in detail)
We only sell products on Amazon, please check Amazon's return and exchange policy.
We cannot process returns and refunds for orders older than 30 days
For quality problems that can only be solved by exchange, such as internal parts damage, large black spots and yellow spots on the projection screen, we still provide replacement service, but we need to charge a certain fee according to your remaining warranty period and product value. In general, we may offer you a special discount coupon where you can purchase a new projector directly from Amazon as an alternative.
If you encounter any difficulties when using the projector, please check our Product Support page.
If you still have questions, please fill out our Service Form and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Activate your 3-year warranty!

Enjoy Jimveo projector without worries!